Manipulatrix. Certified Hypnotist. Slave Trainer. Devious mind fucker. Greedy snob. Intellectual. Situational sadist. Too complex to sum up in just a few words...

I play by my own rules... and so will you.

You don't stand a chance against my devastating intelligence and ruthlessly feminine charms. But go ahead, try! Try to resist! I dare you. Don't be too surprised, though, when you find that resistance makes you more helpless and vulnerable, driving you back again and again to the edge of sanity.

It's adorable when you struggle against the obsessive need to fall at my feet and surrender entirely to my will. At times it's quite hilarious... the more you resist the more you think about what you're trying to resist and the deeper down you fall into submissive surrender to ME.

I am the woman of your dreams, the Bitch of your nightmares, the Goddess you worship, and the voice in your head. And you will be grateful for occupying even the tiniest little corner of my world.

It is Goddess Sue's world... you just serve in it.


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